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  Pactor Modem prices will increase effective 1 January 2019 - this is the first SCS Germany factory price increase in over 10 years - order prior to 1 January to lock in existing pricing. here.                  The owner of this webpage has changed. Please check the Important Notice on our Home Page.                    Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 

About Me


Hi, this is the webpage of Paul Richards, vk4ma. I have been a ham radio operator since 1979. I was formerly the owner of the web store but have decided to formerly retire as of 30 June 2018. This webpage will now show case my ongoing hobby activities which include ham radio and providing equipment and installation advice for SCS pactor modem installations on pleasure craft. I also intend to showcase my collection of ham radio qsl cards confirming contacts made via ham radio over a 40 year period. 

Cheers and 73s

Paul - vk4ma



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