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  Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 

About Us is an Australasian agent for SCS pactor modem products. Pactor modems are used in conjunction with a HF radio system to send and receive email and to download weather / grib data

We no longer sell or service Ham, CB or Land Mobile radios (except for the clearance items for these categories shown on our webpage) is owned by Paul Richards who has been involved in radio communications for over 40 years. Paul also holds degrees in law and post graduate qualifications in e-marketing.

All new product sold via this site is automatically covered by a  twelve months parts and labour warranty. All used equipment sold by us via our classifieds page is automatically covered by a one month parts and labour warranty.  We have our own network of qualified service technicians who provide fast turn around times and have excellent servicing credentials.

We do not stock products on a trial or evaluation basis so please make your purchasing decision carefully.

We trust that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and look forward to assisting you with your next radio related purchase

Cheers and Thanks

Paul Richards - Business Owner



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