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Grounding Dynaplate Large Marine Grade

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Grounding Dynaplate Large Marine Grade

Product Information

Dyna plate in sintered bronze. size 300mm x 80mm x 13mm Distance of 2 fixing holes centers 155mm Supplied with: 2 off Screw in silicom bronze 3 off Counter nuts in silicom bronze 3 off Washer in silicon bronze

Technical tip from

The Dyna-plate is made of what is known as sintered bronze, think of the plate as a metallic 'sponge". Looked at under a microscope it will look like thousands of bronze colored BB's all contected together. When new the sintered bronze is extremely porous and will absorb water, which is the exact premise for its function. You see grounding requires a specified surface area of conducting metal to the ground, whether it be on land under your lawn, or in the water attached to your boat specified values are given for effective ground surface area. The simple idea here is that since the plate is absorbing water it is actually exposing a much larger surface area to the ground than the plate's actual physical dimensions imply (the manufacturer claims it provides the equivalent of 9 square feet of ground surface area). This is ideal for your HF SSB radio installation In theory this is logical, sound thinking, but marine life realities kick in here and that's where the maintenance side of the Dynaplate comes into play. DO NOT paint your dynaplate with anti-foul - once that's been done, the plate is effectively useless. The sintered bronze will absorb the paint, blocking all of the pores in the metal and reducing the exposed surface area.  The pores in the metal are forever blocked and you will need a new plate. In the photo below, you see a plate that has had more usual treatment over the years, as in no maintenance. This plate however can be easily saved - it is going to need some scraping to get the barnacles off and then a good scrubbing with a wire brush and some bleach. Scrub until you get it back to its original bronze color. This should be done annually if you are going to rely on a Dynaplate to provide adequate grounding surface area under your boat.  

Shipping Weight:  4.01

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Price: $375.00

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