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Product Information


Available for sale I have a W8JI full reversible beverage system as manufactured by DX Engineering in the good ol USA.

This system enables you to set-up two separate reversible beverage antennas (made out of ladderline)  thus giving you enhanced lowband RX in 4 switchable directions using the supplied switchbox sitting at your radio. You can read the excellent reviews on this system via eham here:

Setting up the system is straight forward - it took me less than 4 hours to have my one reversible bev up and running - you can however see the full system advertised here layed out on page 14 of the DXE manual at the link below: 

I have the complete system for sale and I have detailed each component and the current US$ price if purchased new at DXE. All items come in original box with original manual, cabling and packaging. Some items are brand new and have never been used as I was not able to run my planned NW/SE beverage as my neighbor put his property up for sale and did not want ladderline running through his property (fair enough!!)

There is not sufficient space allowed here on Ebay to detail what each individual component does so just search the part no on DXE website for full info

So this what I have 

DX-RBS-1RT - Reversible Reflection Transformer x 1 BRAND NEW IN BOX
DX-RBS-1RT - Reversible Reflection Transformer x 1 USED BUT EXC CONDX IN ORIG BOX

DXE-RBSA-1FP - Reversible Beverage Feedpoint unit X 1 BRAND NEW IN BOX
DXE-RBSA-1FP - Reversible Beverage Feedpoint unit X 1 USED BUT EXC CONDITION IN ORIG BOX

1 X DX-RBS-1RT AND 1 X DXE-RBSA-1FP sells as a package at DXE for US$245 (total value here is thus US$490)

DXE-CC-8A 8 position control console
DX Engineering CC-8A Deluxe Control Consoles are flexible, 8-position controllers used to control the switching of 4 beverage directions (with 4 switches to spare) or can be used with the DX Engineering RR8 series Antenna Switches, 8 Circle Arrays, or any product that uses a 13.8V DC, 1-of-8 or BCD control format. 

This unit is in immac condx in orig box with orig manual
DXE price is US$180

DXE-RLS-2 - DX Engineering 2-Port Receiving Antenna Switches are for receiving systems designed to allow for the selection of one of two output ports from one feedline. 

When used with two DX Engineering Reversible Beverage Systems, one of these RLS-2 units will delegate switching voltages and allow for the selection of four directions, sharing the 75 ohm feedline, and passing 500 kHz through 30 MHz receive back to the operating position.

I have one brand new unit in orig box - DXE price is US$90 - 

DXE-FVC-1 DX Engineering FVC-1 Feedline Voltage Couplers provide an interface between control switches and voltage-controlled antenna systems. 

I have one brand new unit  - DXE price is US$99

DXE-RFCC-1 Receive feedline current choke - provides thousands of ohms of isolation between the input and output coaxial shield connections, while passing desired signals, including DC or low-frequency AC control signals. Their extremely high isolation impedance effectively blocks common-mode noise or unwanted signals, even in the presence of very poor grounding.

I have one brand new unit - DXE price is US$79 

Total value of this package if purchased new from DXE would be US$938 plus shipping

Shipping Weight:  7.01

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