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Product Information

 Here is chance to install your own reversible beverage antenna system

Available for sale I have a new and unused KD9SV reversible beverage system - this includes the reversible beverage feed transformer and the reversible beverage reflection transformer. You supply the wire, a ground stake and a 75 ohm feed line and you are ready to go.

This system currently sells at Dx Engineering for US$130 (A$180) plus freight plus GST etc. I am looking to move these on for A$129 plus $10 freight.

I was planning on installing 3 reversible beverage but I have found that two are sufficient for my needs and hence I have this surplus kit ready to go.

Info re this product is below

KD9SV Products SV-RB Reversible Beverage Antenna System Kits let you hear stations that you would never hear on a transmit antenna system! Hear the DX with the great, low-noise properties of the long-popular Beverage wire antenna. 

KD9SV Reversible Beverage Kits include two optimized transformers; one for feed and another for reflection. They are intended to be installed with twisted-pair wire or military surplus WD-1 or WD-1A field telephone wire; which is available from other sources. Conceptually, the design is similar to other two-wire designs using ladder line, but is greatly simplified for ease of use and installation. 

KD9SV Reversible Beverage antenna kits are great for those rural users who can only install receiving antennas during the winter season. In the spring, the wire antenna may be wound up on a reel and kept for re-installation come fall. They are also robust enough for a permanent installation. Their new design also offers the ultimate in installation simplicity while providing excellent front-to-back ratios and the advantage of receiving from two directions from one simple wire antenna. 

These Feed and Reflection Transformers are designed with bifilar windings for extremely good balance utilizing the popular binocular type ferrite cores and optimized impedance matching. These transformers are also encapsulated with polyurethane in a plastic box for complete weather protection.

Shipping Weight:  1.01

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Price: $189.00 $129.00

Product Code: KD9Q70
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