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KD9SV Front End Saver, RX Ant Switch, Preamp,

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KD9SV Front End Saver, RX Ant Switch, Preamp,

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KD9SV Products DXpedition Receive Antenna Switches are the ultimate unit for the low-band DXer, especially for those just getting started on 160 meters with a standard transceiver. They allow the connection of receive antennas to a transceiver that does not have a dedicated receive antenna input!

KD9SV DXpedition Receive Antenna Switches combine the legendary Front End Saver with the 80/160 Variable-Gain Preamp, a Four-Position Receive Antenna Switch, and a high-speed Solid State Amplifier Keying Interface, all into one easy-to-use package. Originally designed for DXpeditions, they are sure to be on the wish list of all low-band DXers and contesters!

DXpedition Switches were specially designed and built to be connected to transceivers that ARE NOT equipped with receive antenna inputs. Instead, they connect between the transceiver antenna connector and the amplifier or antenna. DXpedition Receive Switches also connect to the transceiver's amplifier keying line, and will directly key all late-model RF power amplifiers. They include a heavy-duty relay to toggle the radio between the receive antenna the transmitting antenna, grounding the receive antenna while transmitting, giving your transceiver the ultimate in front-end protection. The four-port antenna switch allows you to select from different receive antennas and the variable-gain control adjusts for 10 to 28 dB preamplification with dual-band band-pass filtering. This lets you choose, on the fly, the correct antenna and gain combination for optimal signal-to-noise for changing band propagation conditions. You may also bypass the preamplifier when you are operating on the higher bands and you can listen to the receive antenna or the transmitting antenna at any time, at the flick of a switch.

KD9SV DXpedition Receive Antenna Switches safely relay up to 200 watts of transmitted RF and protect the built-in preamplifier and receive antenna switching system when they are properly connected to and keyed by the transceiver's amplifier keying line, to sink 3.5 Vdc at only 1.5 ma to be keyed. Their lightning-fast solid-state amplifier keying system is full break-in CW (QSK) capable for all applicable modern amplifiers. They can also handle legacy amplifier positive DC voltage keying lines up to 500 Vdc at 8 A. However, this unitsI keying circuits will not work with amplifiers that have negative DC voltage keying lines such as the Heathkit SB-200, Yaesu FL2100-B or Collins 30L-1. For these and other negative DC voltage keyed amplifiers, pair these DXpedition II Switches with KD9SV Products SV-KR External Keying Relays.

I was using this front end saver with my lowband beverage antenna systems most of which have been sold or are in the process of selling. Unit tests here 100%

Price at DX Engineering for this device is US$367 so equates to about A$550 landed here in VK

My price for this unit is $299 plus $15 for shipping

Shipping Weight:  3.01

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