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Pactor Firmware Upgrade


Asthe computing environment evolves, new capabilities and features become possible, and the Pactor modem's firmware (internal programming) must be updated to support these changes.

The PTC family of Pactor-II/III modems uses advanced state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible for customers to update the internal modem programming, letting you keep your

product functionality current with new product being sold. 

As with most computer-related tasks, there are several ways to update the modem firmware, but probably the easiest is to use the firmware update utility screen included in Airmail.

To use this utility follow these steps:


  1. From the modem modelslisted below left-click on the link that ms your modem model.
  2. Click on save when you see the screen that asks if you want to run, save, or cancel.
  3. Browse to the Airmail program folder on your computer (Hint: Normally the Airmail program is installed in the Program Files folded located on your "C" drive).
  4. Click the save button.
  5. With the modem connected to your computer, turn on the modem and start the Airmail program.
  6. When in Airmail's Message Index Screen on the toolbar click on tools, update ptc-ii firmware Airmail will read the firmware version currently installed in your modem and then searches the Airmail program folder for a newer version.
  7.  If Airmail finds a newer firmware version in the Airmail folder, the start update button will become active (not grayed out).
  8. Click on the start update button, and the rest is automatic. Leave the modem and computer alone for a few minutes while Airmail uploads the new firmware into your modem, verifies the upload, and then writes the updated firmware into the modems memory. The whole process may take a minuet or two, so be sure not to disturb the computer or turn off the modem until normal modem behavior has returned.



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