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Icom M801E HF SSB DSC Marine Radio Euro Version 12 VDC (overseas purchasers only)

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Icom M801E HF SSB DSC Marine Radio Euro Version 12 VDC (overseas purchasers only)

Product Information

This radio is available to purchasers outside of Australia or for installation on a vessel registered outside of Australia

A 12 month warranty is applicable to this product

The Australian certified version of this radio is available here

Product Description

MF/HF SSB Radio Telephone Long Range Communications

  • Built-in DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Class E
  • Remote control head for easy install
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for improved sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Large 4 x 8 inch remote controller
  • LCD with dot-matrix characters
  • Water resistant design
  • 125W (PEP) of output power (4.725 MHz)
  • OPTIONS: Automatic Antenna Tuner (AT-141); (not included)
  • Heavy Duty stainless steel Mounting Bracket with quick release (MB-108) (not included)


Supplied Accessories:

  • Separation Cable, OPC-1466
  • GPS plugs
  • External speaker, SP-24E
  • Mounting bracket
  • DC power cables
  • HS-95 telephone handset
  • Spare fuses


IC-M801E Options/Accessories (each sold separately):

The Icom M801E comes preprogrammed with both Marine SSB and Ham/amateur Radio frequencies. The M801E's flexible three-piece design makes it easy to install: mount the separate control head & speaker at your nav/helm station where space is scarce, and squirrel-away the main radio unit in a more seldom used locker or cubby hole up to 16-feet (5 metres) away. Both the control head and speaker have a generously wide bezel, making a professional-looking "flush mount" installation a snap, even for skippers who aren't expert wood workers (requires optional MB-75 flush Mount Kit). 

Shipping Weight:  16.0

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Price: $2899.00

Product Code: ICOR22
Recommended Accessories:

Icom AT-141 Marine Grade Antenna Tuner @ $799.00 (details)
Icom AT-141 Marine Grade Antenna Tuner
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