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Icom M802 HF SSB WITHOUT DSC marine radio + Icom AT-141 auto tuner (package) 1 year warranty

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Icom M802 HF SSB WITHOUT DSC marine radio + Icom AT-141 auto tuner  (package) 1 year warranty

Product Information

 Icom M802 HF SSB marine grade radio packaged with the matching Icom AT-141 Tuner 

Standard 4×8 remote controller

The IC-M802 offers an industry-standard 4-inch tall (10.16 cm) remote controller. When set up with the IC-M502 VHF radio, Icom offers you a complete communications station.

Large LCD with dot matrix characters

You can easily read the alphanumeric name of any of the 1355 ITU channels at a glance with the large LCD display. Nighttime operation is no problem with 10 levels (plus OFF) adjustable backlit display and keypad.

Easy to use in all conditions

The IC-M802 offers two large dials – bank and channel – for easy channel selection. Up to 16 banks of 20 (max.) each for user channels, and 17 banks for ITU channels are available.

Digital signal processor advantage

The speech compressor, utilizing DSP, increases average talk power. Flexible filter settings provide for narrow band signals like e-mail, SITOR, FSK and other operation without an optional filter.

150W (PEP) of powerful output

150 Watts of power offers superior worldwide communications. A one piece, die cast aluminum chassis and a large cooling fan allow continuous transmission at full output power– very important for data communications, like e-mail.

Automatic antenna tuner, AT-141

An optional automatic antenna tuner, AT-141, easily connects to the IC-M802. When the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the IC-M802 bypasses the tuner and displays a warning indicator on the LCD.

Other features

  • Wide band receive coverage (0.5 – 29.9999MHz)
  • Remote control mic allows you to select channels directly
  • Accessory RS-232C port allows connection of modem, etc.
  • GPS input, NMEA 0183 version 3.01
  • A headphone jack in front of the controller

 Packaged with..............

Matches all bands

The AT 141 matches any frequency on every HF marine band. For example, the tuner matches a 7 m; 23 ft long-wire antenna across 1.6-30 MHz. Full automatic tuning Just push the [TUNE] switch on the transceiver, and the AT 141 adjusts immediately to the minimum SWR of any frequency on any HF marine band.

HF operation on any size ship

The AT 141allows you HF operation where antenna element length is restricted due to space.

Weather resistant The AT 141 is housed in a durable, completely weather resistant ASA case with a rubber gasket.

45 memories for shorter tuning time

To decrease the tune-up time, the AT-141 automatically stores the matching conditions for up to 45 frequencies. Re-tuning for a memorized frequency takes approx. 1 second. Super capacitor for memory backup Even if the AT-1 41 is not used for approx. 1 week, the built-in super capacitor backs up contents of the 45 memories.

Low power tune up

The AT-141 emits low output power during tuning. This feature reduces the possibility of causing interference to other stations.

Tuner through function

The tuner through function is built into the AT-141. This function helps improve receiver gain, depending on the antenna element length used, and operating frequency.

A 1 year warranty is applicable to this package

Available for export1

Shipping Weight:  13.01

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Price: $2798.00

Product Code: ICOQ22
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