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Pactor Bluetooth Connectivity

 Bluetooth - Why do I need it?

We are all familiar with blue tooth these days which provides wireless connectivity between devices. The value of bluetooth in a HF radio marine environment is that less cabling equates to a lesser likelihood that your transmitted radio signal will be picked up via the cabling and interfere with the pactor modem performance (ie reduces the chance of drop outs caused by stray radio frequency energy RF)

In technical terms, the data stream of a USB signal is located in the middle of the shortwave bands. Therefore, the USB data signal cannot be separated from the shortwave signal being transmitted or received by simply filtering. Mutual interference is possible, expecially where the antenna is located close to the modem/PC set-up (ie virtually all ship borne installations).  Mutual interference in this case means that the transmitted HF signal can disturb the USB data stream between PC and modem, as well, the USB data stream can also disturb your radio's reception of shortwaves. Bluetooth can help solve this problem as bluetooth and short wave radio signals do not interfere with each other. Additionally, when eliminating the USB cable connection, the danger of ground loops and parasitic currents distorting the radios signal modulation are removed, which will lead to better transmit audio quality.

For this reason all pactor modems sold by have the bluetooth module as a standard install. Some other dealers do not include this module in their advertised price. 



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