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Pactor 3 license upgrade

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Pactor 3 license upgrade

Product Information

When shipped from the factory. PTC- Modems will operate in the high-speed Pactor-III (P-III) mode for twenty trial connections. When the twenty P-III evaluation connections

are used, a Pactor-III license must be purchased if you want to continue using the P-III mode.

Pactor-III is a "real-world" 4x faster than Pactor-II. saving both time and battery power. Pactor-III is indispensable for downloading GRIB files; files that would take twelve

minutes to download with Pactor-II (exceeding the ten-minute connect time permitted by the Sailmail Network), can be downloaded in just three minutes.

The PTC-IIPro/IIe/IIlusb. and most PTC-IIle modems can be upgraded to run Pactor III by buying and installing a software license key purchasable from Unless you

have an older PTC-lle or P-II modem that doesn't have an internal serial number, there is no need to disconnect your modem or ship it away for upgrading. All you need to do is

contact us by e-mail and arrange for a license upgrade. This means that you can upgrade your modem whereever you are; at anchor in Sydney Harbour or passage-making in the middle of the Pacific in route to the Marquesas Islands.

Simply purchase the P3 upgrade via our shopping cart and email us the serial number of your modem - we will then email you back within 48 hours with your new P3 registration code and related instructions.

Please note that all modems sold by us already have the P3 upgrade included in the price


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