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  Pactor Modem prices will increase effective 1 January 2019 - this is the first SCS Germany factory price increase in over 10 years - order prior to 1 January to lock in existing pricing. here.                  The owner of this webpage has changed. Please check the Important Notice on our Home Page.                    Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 


Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Pactor (Email via Radio)/Modems/PACTOR-4 SCS DR-7400 PACTOR 4 MODEM (New Release) FASTEST SYSTEM FOR EMAIL VIA MARINE SAILMAIL AND HAM WINMAIL NETWORKS (includes optional bluetooth module)

Product Information


Send and receive email via your HF SSB radio. Receive weather data via GRIB or fax files. Plot your vessel location on the web by simply sending an email to any recipient.

Simple connectivity with your PC or laptop via a single standard USB cable (or via bluetooth). Airmail email client software is provided on CD but is also a free download from the web.

Plug and play cabling (only 2 cables are required) is provided for all Icom branded transceivers (connection with other brand transceivers may also be possible - email us with the specifics of your radio model)

A written Quick Install Guide is provided which will have you sending and receiving emails within minutes.

Why Choose the Pactor 4 DR-7400 modem?

The DR-7400 pactor 4 modem is now the preferred choice for email and weather data processing  via your HF radio whilst at sea.

Pactor 4 facilitates max net data speed throughput of 10500 bps which is 1.5 - 3  times faster than pactor 3 technology.

The unit has been optimized for use with the new high-end data transmission mode PACTOR-4 which provides the fastest and most robust data transmission via HF radio. Enjoy the convenience of email from virtually any point on earth.The DR-7400 is software compatible to the PTC-II series so that existing PACTOR software (AirMail, RMS Express, Alpha etc) can continued to be used. Of course, the DR-7400 also provides radio frequency switching through your email client software, a GPS input, optional Bluetooth interface and free firmware updates.

The DR-7400 is also backwards compatible with pactor 2 and pactor 3 modems so you can continue to utilise existing Airmail and Winlink radio email data networks even if the receiving modem is of a lower technological standard.

What is included in your Pactor 4 DR-7400 package?

 Kit contains everything you need to plug and play with an Icom HF SSB radio: DR-7400 Pactor 4 USB modem with bluetooth module, interconnecting cables, 6  FairRite snap-on RF chokes (for each end of the USB, Interconnecting, & Frequency Control cables), Airmail Program CD, & a copy of the Sailors' Quick-Start Guide to Sailmail/AirMail/WL2K, Quick Start Installation Guide (will have you sending and receiving your first email within minutes)

Note: when comparing prices with other dealers make sure they have included the bluetooth module and are selling you a Pactor 4 modem. Bluetooth functionality is not only convenient and tidier but less cabling minimises the chance of radio frequency interference to your pactor modem.

Utilises AirMail Freeware for Windows XP/Vista/7,8,10

It is recommended that the DR-7400 be used with HF radios that have remote frequency control capability (this includes all modern Icoms such as the M710, M802, M801e, Icom 78, Icom 718, Icom 706mk2g etc).

This system allows AirMail 3 to control both the modem & radio frequency selection using a single USB Port or BLUETOOTH on the associated computer.

Each System includes AirMail-3 for SailMail and Winlink, GetFax, Viewfax and ViewGrib on CD. The package also includes the following:

1 Pactor 4 DR-7400 USB & Blue Tooth accessed Pactor-4 Modem

1 PTC/TRX 1.5m cable, Audio to (for Icom model radios only)

1 PTC/Freq 1.5m cable, Freq. to (for Icom model radios only)

1 Ferrites - set 6 clip-on cable ferrite filters

1 set-up and operations manual on CD

1 standard 1.5M long USB cable

1 68-page Sailors' Quick-Start Guide to SailMail / Airmail / Winlink 2000

Note: Annual SailMail Membership is payable to the USA at a current cost of US$250 at the applicable rate of the day. This membership due is not included in our package price and must be paid separately.  You can apply for Sailmail membership via the web at this link:

The current Airmail software, USB modem and USB cable offered, all work well under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7,8,10. Although operation with other older windows operating systems (ie Win 98, 2000 etc) is possible, performance can be erratic and no technical support is provided. Airmail also runs on MAC systems running Windows with Boot Camp, Parallels, or similar programs (we do not provide support for Apple Mac systems).

Although a CD with detailed help files is provided with each modem purchase, sometimes you just cannot beat the convenience of having a physical reference booklet sitting by your pactor modem installation (to look up those not so often used features of the Airmail software).  The 68-page Sailors' Quick-Start Guide to SailMail / Airmail / Winlink 2000 is chock-full of detailed step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and more than 70 screen shots to quickly get you sending e-mail and receiving Weather FAX. This booklet is included with your modem purchase

If you require cabling longer than 1.5 metres we can make up custom cables for you - the usual cost for this service is $85 per cable. Conditions apply. Please email us for details.

If you require additional clip on fairites (note 6 are already included with your package) then these can be purchased at additional cost under options below.

1year warranty applies to all modem products



Technical data

  • Switch plugs and go… Due to the plug compatibility of the radio ports, a change from the commonly used PTC-II technology to the innovative P4dragon technology is very easy. Change over the plugs, turn on, and enjoy PACTOR-4!
  • To the limit. DR-7400 means “High end” in both hardware and software. 6.4 Billion arithmetical operations per second, and hand optimized DSP algorithms, enable an unparalleled PACTOR performance. – Reference class!
  • P4dragon. The Ouroboros logo is not only a symbol for globe encircling HF-communications. It also symbolizes the many iterative operations, without which PACTOR-4 could not approach so close to the Shannon boundary.
  • PACTOR-4. Max net speed 10500 bps. 1.5 - 3 x faster than P3. Backwards compatible. 2400 Hz bandwidth. Highly adaptive. Highly resistant to interference. 6 auto notches. Adaptive equalizer.


  • Data throughput: Maximum 5512 bps without compression. Approx 10500 bps with PMC using text. This is reached with approx +16 dB @ 4 kHz in an AWGN channel. Under the usual channel conditions 1.5 – 3 times faster than PACTOR-3
  • Compatibility: Backward compatible to PACTOR-1/-2/-3. Automatic negotiation during link setup. Noticeably improved reception with PACTOR-2 and PACTOR-3
  • ARQ protocol: Synchronized, similar to PACTOR-3, except 10 instead of 6 speed levels (“Waveforms”) and faster switching. Bandwidth always smaller than 2400 Hz.
  • Channel equalization: Iterative adaptive equalizer for the coherent speed levels (5 – 10), RAKE receiver with maximum ratio combination for the splayed speed levels (2-4). Real-time multitasking operating system.


  • Operating modes: PACTOR-4, PACTOR-3, PACTOR-2, PACTOR-1, weather-FAX (Receive), GPS /RTTY/NAVTEX decoder
  • Processor: Quadcore DSP from Freescale, 6400 MIPS, 64 Bit
  • Connections: USB (opt. Bluetooth), GPS (RS232 and TTL), radio AF / PTT (PTC-II compatible), radio-remote control (all usual transceiver types)
  • Audio level/imp: Input: max 3 V p-p, 47 kΩ, output: max 4.5 V p-p, 1 kΩ, both asymmetrically
  • Display: 8 dual-color LED’s (green, red) indicating all important operating states and signal tuning
  • Power supply:10 – 25 V, typically 300 mA, max 400 mA at 10 V supply voltage
  • Weight / size: 450 g, 125 x 43 x 138 mm (width, height and depth)

Pactor-III (P-III) or Pactor 4 - What is it and why do I need it:

Pactor-III is a real-world 4x* increase in throughput over Pactor-II. Weather maps that take 7-8 minutes to download with a modem only licensed to operate in the Pactor-II mode, take two minutes or less to download with P-III - saving time and battery power. The speed increase of P-III is permanently unlocked with a license key entered into the modem at the time of purchase. Note this unlock fee is approx $150-$200 and is already included in our pactor modem package price. When comparing prices with other dealers make sure that this cost is already embedded in their advertised price.

Pactor 4 is a real world 1.5-3 times faster than Pactor 3. Please note that it is not possible to upgrade a Pactor 3 modem to Pactor 4 speeds.

Why have a Bluetooth modem!
The data stream signal of a USB interface is located in the middle of the shortwave HF radio bands. Therefore, the USB data signal cannot be separated from the shortwave signal being transmitted or received by  your HF radio via traditional filtering arrangements. 

Mutual interference is thus possible, especially where the antenna is located close to the modem/PC setup (ship borne installations). Mutual interference in this case means that the transmitted HF-signal can disturb the USB data stream between PC and modem, as well the USB data stream can disturb the radio reception of  HF SSB radios.

Bluetooth can help solve this problem, as Bluetooth and shortwave radio signals don’t interfere with one another. Additionally, if eliminating the USB cable connection, the danger of ground loops and parasitic currents distorting the radios signal modulation are removed, which will lead to a better transmission quality.

Frequency Control via Computer - How Important is it?

Why remote frequency switching with your radio is so important:

 Currently there are seventeen shore-side Sailmail Coast Stations worldwide to which you can connect. Each of these stations scans from five to twelve frequencies, making a maximum total of around 115+ frequencies to be monitored. So just how important is the ability to control the radio with your computer? The short answer isit's really important - Here's why:

  • The transmitting frequency and station call sign must be associated with each other in order for radio-based e-mail to work. AirMail must send a connect request to a Sailmail network coast station using both the correct station call and frequency. Radio memory is organized serially, beginning at location 00 and counting up, so the programmed list of frequencies becomes one long onerous series of frequencies. 
  • The Pactor II/III/IV Radio Modem/SSB system makes an excellent weather FAX (WEFAX) receiving system using the GetFAX/ViewFAX applets that run under Sailmail/AirMail. GetFAX supports 59 additional frequencies for 14 WEFAX stations worldwide, This, added to the 88 Sailmail frequencies, makes a total of about 123 Sailmail & WEFAX frequencies to keep current and access.

  • For safety while underway, it is important to keep the ships systems as simple to use as practical while maintaining necessary functionality. Pushing one single computer key (up/down arrow), to select a station and a frequency is both easier and more error-free than finding the radio channel guide, looking up the correct radio channel, and turning channel selector knobs to the appropriate channel number. If the desired station can't be heard on the selected frequency, then the whole lookup process must be repeated again, and again, until a station is heard. Yes, the manual look-up system can be used, but it's a "pain", and with any kind of sea running it's totally impractical.

The Solution
Ensure you purchase a HF marine radio that is capable of having its frequency switched via software on your laptop. Computer control of the radio is then easily achieved with  all but the cheaper PTC-II ex modem, using the Airmail program and your laptop. All Icom model HF radios sold by us have remote frequency switching capability.

Shipping Weight:  3.01

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Fair Rite Type 31 ferrite Snap-on RF choke @ $9.99 (details)
Fair Rite Type 31 ferrite Snap-on RF choke
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