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Our shop will be closed from 19 Feb through to 8 March 2018. During this period you can still place an order via the shopping cart but your item will not ship until 8 March at the earliest. There will also be no telephone or service support until post 7 March. You can email us if urgent but our response may be slow as we are working in some pretty remote locations this trip...Cheers Paul                 




Credit Card payments: Our store uses PayPal to process debit and credit card payments. During the payment process you may be given the option to create a PayPal account, however a PayPal account is not required to make a credit card payment at 

You simply need to locate the "Continue" link (refer picture to right) on the "Payment" screen (when you check-out) to pay with your credit card without setting up a Paypal Account. 

Of course if you wish to set-up a paypal account and then use your credit card for payment this will work just as well.




Bank account payments: It is cheaper and easier to simply select the Direct Deposit / Money Order button on the "Payment" screen (as shown right) and complete the transfer using your own internet banking system. We also have a bank account in New Zealand which makes internet transfers in NZ$ available for our Kiwi customers. If you have a PayPal account it is also possible to pay with funds in your bank account (if linked to paypal), but there is a delay of several business days for such transfers (referred to as 'PayPal eCheck') and thus this method is not recommended.




Payments in NZ$: NZ customers please ensure you have changed the web page pricing to NZ$ - this can be done  using the currency drop down box at the bottom left of any product page (as shown right). Prices will show "NZ$" in your shopping cart if you have done this successfully.




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