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  Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 

Postage Rates

Postage Calculator

Our shopping cart calculates freight  on the total weight of your shipment automatically. The tables provided here simply show the formulas used by the cart in determining your total freight cost.

Find your post code location and identify your postal zone (ie NSW / QLD 4) from the chart in box 1.

Look up the weight of your parcel in the table corresponding to your postal zone (ie a 3.01-4kg parcel sent to zone QLD Q1 Q2 will be $10)

For shipping over 30kg in Australia an email quotation must be obtained from us (over 16kg for New Zealand)

All customers outside of Australia and New Zealand must email us for a shipping quote .

Shipping for residents of Hervey Bay / Maryborough is free.






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