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Sailmail Membership

Sailmail Membership (for mariners)

If you intend to use the Sailmail network for sending and receiving your emails (via Pactor Modem) you need to apply for membership to the Sailmail association.

The application form for membership can be found on the web at this link.

The cost for annual membership is currently US$250 and the terms and conditions applicable to membership can also be found at this

Please note you will need your marine radio license callsign when filling out the application form - applications will not be processed for unlicensed applicants.

When you receive your membership confirmation back via email make sure to keep this in a safe place - this email contains your user name and password for the applicable network. You may need this again in future months or years - if you have a hard drive crash or for any reason you need to reload your Airmail software.

If you have a standard or full ham radio callsign and intend to use the WL2K network, formal registration for this network is not required. This network is supplied at no charge to users.

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