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Should I upgrade my old Pactor 2 modem to Pactor 3?

Pactor-III (P-III) upgrade - What is it and why do I need it:

Pactor-III is a real-world 4x* increase in throughput over Pactor-II. Weather maps that take 7-8 minutes to download with a modem only licensed to operate in the Pactor-II mode, take two minutes or less to download with P-III - saving time and battery power.

Many older Pactor 2 modems can be upgraded to pactor 3 by simply entering a registration code into the modem via your Airmail software. This upgrade registration key can be purchased from us here

There is no need to uninstall your existing pactor 2 modem - we simply email you the key once payment has been made.

To check if your Pactor 2 modem is upgradeable simply email us the serial number of your modem





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