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  Pactor Modem prices will increase effective 1 January 2019 - this is the first SCS Germany factory price increase in over 10 years - order prior to 1 January to lock in existing pricing. here.                  The owner of this webpage has changed. Please check the Important Notice on our Home Page.                    Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 

Terms & Conditions

Our shopping cart is available to Australian and New Zealand buyers only. Any attempt to process an order with a delivery address outside of these countries will result in an error message and will not proceed.

New Zealand buyers can shop in NZ$ - simply change the currency via the dropdown box in the bottom left hand corner of any product page - all prices will then show in NZ$ and payment can be made via  paypal or via direct deposit to our NZ based bank account.

We do welcome orders from outside of Australia and New Zealand but request that you email us with your requirements - we can then advise identification procedures, payment options and freighting costs.

It is very difficult to set-up a shopping cart which will calculate freight accurately for a 100% of shipment scenarios. Our testing has shown that the vast majority of freight calculations are correct but if you have an order where the freight looks incorrect please feel free to email us for clarification. 

We provide servicing support for all of the products that we sell. Should you have a servicing / warranty repair requirement simply email us and we will advise the address of our servicing centre. As is standard warranty practice in our industry it is your responsibility to pay the cost of freight to our service centre, we of course cover parts and labour for the warranty repair and also cover return postage.

We further recommend that you contact us PRIOR to sending your item to us for repair. Frequently, faults attributed to equipment are actually caused by problems elsewhere in your installation - ie stray RF, inadequate power supply, forgotten operator settings etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT A SERVICE FEE WILL BE CHARGED IF EQUIPMENT IS RETURNED UNDER WARRANTY AND NO FAULT IS LOCATED.

Again, per standard industry practice our warranty is not transferable by you to another party and nor does it cover defects that are caused by misuse of the equipment by you. Common misuse includes exposing the item to moisture, applying incorrect voltages to power the item, physical abuse / damage to the item

All products available on this site are presented on an "invitation to treat" basis - this means we retain the right to refuse your offer of purchase - we would only do this where an error has been made in the product price or we are unsatisfied with security of payment (ie you are resident in Nigeria and paying via credit card).

Please select your purchase carefully. Although we will accept return of items purchased in error (within 2 weeks of purchase) a 30% restocking fee will apply plus you will not be refunded your postage applicable to the item. The restocking fee applies to compensate us for the fact that the returned item now needs to be resold as a used item.

To the extent allowed by the law, or its directors will accept no liability for any losses suffered by you or any other party in the use of your equipment purchased - ie that it fails to operate as expected in an outback or marine emergency.

(At the behest of the large radio manufacturing companies, who oppose true price competition in the radio communications market in Australia, we are also compelled to advise you of the following)

Some equipment advertised by us is intended for purchase by buyers outside of Australia or for use outside of Australia (refer sec. 173 of the Radio Communications Act)   

We are not an authorised agent for any radio manufacturing company here in Australasia unless where specifically stated.


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