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Warranty / Technical Support

What does our warranty cover?

We provide a one year parts and labour warranty on all new equipment purchased from us (unless a longer term is specifically agreed)

We provide servicing support for all of the products that we sell. Should you have a servicing / warranty repair requirement simply email us and we will advise the address of our servicing centre. As is standard warranty practice in our industry it is your responsibility to pay the cost of freight to our service centre, we of course cover parts and labour for the warranty repair and also cover return postage.

We further recommend that you contact us PRIOR to sending your equipment  to us for repair. Frequently, faults attributed to equipment are actually caused by problems elsewhere in your installation - ie stray RF, inadequate power supply, forgotten operator settings etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT A $30 SERVICE FEE WILL BE CHARGED IF EQUIPMENT IS RETURNED UNDER WARRANTY AND NO FAULT IS LOCATED.

Again, per standard industry practice our warranty is not transferable by you to another party.

The warranty shall not apply where:

(a) the product has failed due to improper installation, misuse, accident, material alteration or unauthorised repair. Our warranty is not voided by simple modifications such as general coverage transmit modifications or fan modifications.

(b) the goods have been damaged by corrosion, deterioration, abnormal temperatures, ingress of water or moisture or chemical compounds.

We will cover only one radio finals replacement in the warranty period. Most other companies do not cover replacement of radio finals within their warranty at all

We can provide a longer warranty out to three years at additional cost - please email us for a quotation

We only service what we sell - we do not perform general repair work.

We will service pactor modems outside our standard one year warranty period if that modem was purchased from us. Our labour cost is currently $90 per hour plus parts and return freight. This is the lowest rate that we know of in our industry.

What to do if you have a problem or require technical support?

Please send us an email with your technical support issue (please do not telephone us). We answer all emails with 24 hours - generally much faster this.

Email allows us to keep a written record of your support issue which is beneficial to both you and us. Departments of Fair Trading in Australia insist that we maintain a written record of support / warranty claims.

Our turn around time on repairs is generally very fast (2 weeks) unless we are unable to procure a part locally which is a rare occurrence. If we need to source a part, we use air freight to get the part to us as quickly as possible. If the repair is likely to take longer than 2 weeks we will keep you informed as to progress via email.


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