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  Pactor Modem prices will increase effective 1 January 2019 - this is the first SCS Germany factory price increase in over 10 years - order prior to 1 January to lock in existing pricing. here.                  The owner of this webpage has changed. Please check the Important Notice on our Home Page.                    Send and receive email (plus weatherfax data) using your existing or new HF radio system. See the full range of SCS HF modems on our webpage here.                 

Which Pactor Modem to buy?


Simple e-mail, Weather FAX, and NAVTEX on your boat

Whether underway, at the dock, or anchored out, stay in touch with friends, relatives, and fellow cruisers by having bring e-mail onboard.  Add a Pactor-II/III/IV radio modem to your existing marine SSB system and begin sending & receiving e-mail from your boat:

No more searching for a local Internet Cafe.* 
* No more hassling with unstable/intermittent WIFI connections.
* No more searching out a pay phone only to find it's not working.
* Add e-mail capability to your existing SSB radio system.

- Keep in touch with friends and family.
- Request weather charts & information on demand via SailMail or Winlink networks.
- Receive NAVTEX weather and marine hazard transmissions.
- Receive Weather FAX transmissions directly off-the-air.
- Order needed boat parts while at sea.
- Make/confirm slip reservations.
- Send & receive position reports while passage making.



Your e-mail is the Australasian agent for the SCS Pactor radio modems; the new P4dragon,  and the PTC-IIusb, PTC-IIPro & PTC-IIex. The PTC-IIIusb sells for $1599, the P4DR-7400 for $2099, and the P4DRDR-7800 for $2499. If you want to purchase a Pactor modem,  go to the Order Pactor Modems page, look over the product offering, and then give us a call at 07-4125-7700, or order over the Internet and pay by bank transfer or Paypal.

Pactor-IV (P4) - What is it and what does it do for me? One word--- s  p  e  e  d
SCS tells us that Pactor-4 technology is the absolute fastest a Pactor modem can go on the HF bands and still stay within the internationally mandated bandwidth. With totally new hardware and firmware designs, Pactor-4's  maximum throughput speed of 10,500 bps. is twice (2X) that of  Pactor-III. That means more free time for you to enjoy the sailing life style, and less drain on your ship's batteries.  Here's an actual on-the air throughput speed comparison between Pactor-III and Pactor-4 .


# Messages to Download TTL Characters P-III Throughput as measured by Airmail P-4 Throughout as measured by Airmail P-4 speed increase
29 19,967 4022 Bytes per Minute 8698 Bytes per Minute 2.163


 Click here for more detailed information about Pactor 4 and the P4dragon DR-7400 & DR-7800

Pactor-III (P-III) 
With nearly a decade of actual real-world operation behind it, Pactor-III is the "Gold Standard" for relatively speedy and reliable digital communications over HF SSB radio. Weather maps and GRIB files take two minutes or less to download with P-III, and depending on message length, e-mail messages can even be faster*.

Actual throughput may fluctuate as a result of propagation and atmospheric noise conditions.

Which Radio Modem to Buy - Pactor-4 vs Pactor-3
There are two  modem technologies from which to choose; Pactor III, and Pactor-4. From a Sailmail or Winlink viewpoint, the primary differences between these technologies are:
  1. The newly designed P4dragon DR-7400 & DR-7800 are the fastest modems in the Pactor family, boasting speeds 2x that of Pactor-III modem. The  P4dragon DR-7400 & DR-7800 are plug-compatible with the PTC-IIusb, which means that they use the same interconnecting cables to connect to the ship's SSB radio and computer.
  2. Like its predecessor, the PTC-IIusb, the PTC-IIIusb modem connects directly to a computer's USB port, and gives you computer-controlled frequency selection.

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